About Us


We are a full educational services, conference, events concept, research-based consulting firm that specialize in staff outsourcing, training and coaching, strategy development, business process and project management.

Our clients include non-profit organizations, corporate bodies, entrepreneurs, government agencies, individuals and member associations.




We create activities designed to educate and facilitate learning and development of new and existing skills, and to improve the performance of specific tasks or roles. Our coaching and training packages involve structured programs including classroom-based courses or more informal and interactive activities.


Our provision of independent professional advisory services vary from overall organizations management to specific projects. We ensure an investigative research on matters and produce a report with detailed recommendations. Our clients are individuals, member associations, entrepreneurs and organizations.


We develop and create strategic events such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions and fairs. Our events encompasses corporate hospitality activities, business or charity functions, or sporting occasions. We also organize events created to meet up with specific clients need after brainwriting sessions with them.

Trending quote

The phenomenon of creativity, we know, is closely related to the ability to yoke together separate, and even seemingly incompatible, matrices.
Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate.


Our mission is to provide our clients, partners and enablers with the best professional work engagement. We believe in building strong relationship through dedication in all our areas of expertise.


Our Team

Niyi Aderibigbe

Niyi Aderibigbe


A social entrepreneur and founder of the Diaspora Events. He’s passionate about working on projects that are engineered to influence public policy and further look into various social crisis humanity faces.

Fola Taiwo

Fola Taiwo


An event planner and conference manager. His work and experience extends to contracting hotels as venues to accommodate conference delegates, halls for events and dinner guests, travel agencies for securing trip itineraries, and other related services.

Moli Njabe

Moli Njabe

Programs Director

A vivid and active supporter in the study and creating of ideas of the Diaspora Events programs, constantly supporting and helping our organization evolve over the years. He is a graduate of philosophy from the Catholic University of Lublin, Poland.

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